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Q. What is the best strategy for funding my business?

With so many options available, it is paramount for you funding strategy to meet your unique needs. Click here to read more in our comprehensive funding guide.

Q. Why buy an ATC Healthcare Franchise?

When you partner up through a franchise program with ATC Healthcare, you will have the full support of an organization that has been in business for over 30 years. The executive team of the organization have experience running their own medical staffing agencies. You will have full back office support from the franchisor will handle all the payroll for the associates, invoicing, collections,and professional insurances. The franchisor also provides contract management and national relationships with various healthcare providers and VMS/MSP relationships.

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Q. Why should I do Medical Staffing?

The staffing industry has annual sales of over $120 Billion, the healthcare staffing segment makes up approx. $14 Billion of that. Research shows that they expect the Medical staffing segment of staffing to double to $28 Billion by 2021. It is expected to be the fastest growing segment of the staffing industry.

Q. How much can I expect to spend on my ATC Healthcare Franchise?

The cost for an ATC Healthcare Franchise will vary depending on a number of key factors; however, you may spend approximately $135,000 to $140,000 to get started. This does include the $45,000 franchising fee. We also require franchisees to meet certain financial requirements.

Q. Can I own multiple territories?

Yes! We have a program in place which allows you to buy additional territories at a discount. An example would be you could own three territories for $100,000 franchise fee.

Q. What are the Benefits of having ATC Healthcare manage the back office operations?

By having ATC Healthcare Manage all theback office operations this will accelerate your business start-up and reduces your administrative and operating costs on an on-going basis. You will benefit from greater financial flexibility along with enhanced benefits and payroll reliability. Without the burden of back office responsibilities, our franchise owners are more effectively focused on GROWING THEIR BUSINESS!!

Q. How do I know that ATC Healthcare is the best choice for a Medical Staffing Franchise?

ATC Healthcare has a very unique program different than anyone else, we are also ranked as the 7th largest per diem staffing agency and 20th largest Medical Staffing agency in the Country. We have been ranked in the top 5% of all franchise programs and ranked in the top 3 medical staffing franchises by FranchiseGrade

Q. Do I need to be a healthcare professional or have staffing industry experience?

No. you do not need to be a healthcare professional or have staffing industry experience to be successful. Our training program and ongoing support is designed to provide you with a solid business plan to succeed in the industry without previous experience as an ATC Healthcare franchisee, or even as a franchisee in general.

Q. What if I own a staffing agency already and looking to expand?

We have programs to partner up with and assist with Staffing Agency expansion into the medical staffing segment. We have incorporated various staffing agencies into our model from Home Care Agencies, to General Staffing and Recruiting Agencies to Medical Staffing Agencies. Contact us directly to discuss how that may look for your existing business.

Q. What are the key components of ATC Healthcares training program?

Our support and training begins with our pre-training program and continues on to 4 days of formal classroom training for all new franchise owners. We customize a 90 day action plan for all new franchise owners. You will be assigned a regional support professional dedicated to your success. You will participate in weekly and monthly coaching/conference calls and webinars all designed to share best practices and support your business growth. As an ATC Healthcare franchisee you will benefit from the diverse internal resources to assist you with all aspects of your business; from Risk Management/Quality Improvement, Human Resources, Operations, Information Technology, Sales, Marketing and Business Development. As an ATC Healthcare franchisee, you are our business partner and our training and support is on-going.