Young, smiling nurse

To be a thriving staffing franchise, ATC Healthcare franchise partners have to be effective recruiters. At ATC, we help our franchise partners at every step in the staffing journey, including the recruitment stage. Thats why we have some tips to help our franchise partners recruit the best healthcare associates in the industry.

1. Utilize Digital Job Boards

From 2000 to 2017, the average age of nurses rose from 42.4 to 43.5 years of age, according to Staffing Industry Analysts. While that might not seem like a big shift, it speaks to the aging population of healthcare providers. This means that many healthcare organizations are looking to hire younger, Millennial healthcare associates. It also means that younger healthcare associates are eager to get as much experience as possible. ATC meets Millennial healthcare associates where they are online.

Digital job boards are a great place for healthcare associates to find out about ATC employment opportunities, and ATC helps manage listings for all of our franchise partners. We do our part to help you reach the healthcare associates that your clients need.

2. Partner with Universities and Schools

Part of being an ATC franchise partner is building relationships. In addition to connecting with clients, franchise partners can establish relationships with local universities and schools that have nursing or specialized healthcare programs. These connections can help ATC franchise partners recruit the best healthcare associates.

Schedule flexibility, tuition reimbursement, and competitive pay are all benefits of being an ATC healthcare associate. If the career advisors at the schools and universities know about those benefits, they can pass the information along to their students and encourage them to apply. This can help ATC franchise partners gain talented healthcare associates as they transition into the workforce.

3. Emphasize Flexibility

According to Zenefits, flexible work arrangements are a major consideration when evaluating future job opportunities for 77% of employees. Thankfully, the nature of the healthcare industry is flexible, so its important for ATC franchise partners to communicate that flexibility to healthcare associates.

In addition to flexible schedules, ATC also has geographic flexibility. We have opportunities for healthcare associates to travel the country providing world-class healthcare. Flexibility helps ATC standout in a crowded field.

By utilizing digital job boards, partnering with universities and schools, and emphasizing flexibility to healthcare associates, ATC franchise partners are able to recruit top-notch registered nurses, physical therapists, speech pathologists, surgical technicians, occupational therapists, and more.

Sending our clients qualified and professional healthcare associates is the best way to build and maintain those client relationships. Thats why we focus on being excellent recruiters so we can be excellent staffers, too. When youre ready to put these tips to good use, building your healthcare staffing business, contact us to start your journey with ATC.