November 7, 2019

3 Ways ATC Healthcare Stands Out in the Healthcare Staffing Industry

There is no other healthcare staffing franchise opportunity quite like ATC Healthcare. Our level of support, industry growth and proven operations make us stand out and they could make ATC Healthcare the right opportunity for you.

An Unmatched Level of Franchise Partner Support

At ATC Healthcare, we value the high level of support we are able to provide for each of our franchise partners. Thanks to our decades of healthcare staffing experience, we are able to answer any question a franchise partner might have. But that’s not the only way we provide an unmatched level of support to our franchise partners.

Back-Office Support

Whether its HR, IT, or any other administrative acronym, ATC Healthcare franchise partners aren’t burdened with it. The team at ATC Healthcare’s corporate office handles it all. Our back-office support also includes a contract division that reviews each client contract. That means our franchise partners don’t have to be fluent in staffing company legal-ese to secure contracts and grow their business.

Directly Paying Employees

Unlike other franchise systems, ATC Healthcare is a strong and present partner. One way we support our franchise partners is by covering payroll for every healthcare associate. That means they get paid by corporate without having to wait a month (or more) for invoicing from the client. Plus, that means franchise partners do not have to cover the payroll themselves.

The Growth of the Healthcare Staffing Industry

Medical facilities need healthcare associates now more than ever. The demand is high and qualified medical professionals are harder for hospitals and medical facilities to find, especially if their search is limited to a particular location. That’s where ATC Healthcare comes in. 

Our ATC Travelers division allows franchise partners to send their nurses to positions in other cities or states, and our clients benefit from a wider pool of job candidates. Medical facilities are increasingly turning to staffing solutions like ATC Healthcare to provide the top-notch staff they so desperately require. As the demand for qualified medical professionals continues to increase, the healthcare staffing industry continues to grow. Becoming an ATC Healthcare franchise partner could be your chance to join this growing industry and capitalize on that growth.

Proven Operations

ATC Healthcare has spent more than 25 years perfecting our operations. When you become a franchise partner, we pass all of our knowledge onto you. After training, you will be armed with the knowledge to take your local healthcare staffing market by storm. 

ATC Healthcare staffing franchise operations include methods for finding clients, keeping clients, and hiring exceptional healthcare associates Our operations have earned us a national reputation as the premier healthcare staffing agency. Plus, in addition to making ATC Healthcare stand out when compared to other franchise opportunities, our operations will also make ATC Healthcare stand out in your specific community. Our proven systems ensure client satisfaction that will boost your franchise’s reputation.

An unmatched level of support, industry growth, and proven operations make the ATC Healthcare franchise opportunity stand out. If you are ready to bring this stand-out franchise to your community, please reach out for more information about how you can become an ATC Healthcare franchise partner.