ATC franchise partner

As business owners, each ATC Healthcare franchise partner is in control of their own schedule. So, what works for the ATC Healthcare franchise partner in Mobile, AL, might not work for the franchise partner in Columbus, OH. And that’s okay! There is no one, average day when you own an ATC Healthcare franchise. But there are some tasks that our owner-operators tackle each day.

Phone Calls

Depending on the size of your office staff, you will likely to have a few phone calls to field each day. Sometimes it’ll be clients requesting more staff, potential clients reaching out to seal the deal, or even healthcare associates who are eager to be placed. You’ll be able to handle it all with the help of your in-office team and with the support of the ATC Healthcare corporate office.


As any professional would tell you, follow-up is key in business and the same is true for running an ATC Healthcare franchise. Sometimes you’ll be waiting for someone to follow up with you and other times you will be the one following up. Maybe you need employee documentation, patient record compliance, or to bring good news to someone who recently applied. We encourage our franchise partners to reach out, make connections, and follow up for the good of their businesses.


Staying up to date regarding employee information, timesheets and patient records is an essential aspect to keeping your ATC Healthcare operating at its most efficient. So, our franchise partners do spend some time putting pen to paper to make sure the entire enterprise stays up and running. Of course, franchise partners do have complete back office support from the ATC Healthcare corporate team that will help you navigate client contracts, human resources, and payroll.

Staff Meetings

It’s always a good idea to make sure that your entire team is on the same base. That’s why many ATC Healthcare franchise partners hold staff meetings. It’s a great opportunity to touch base, hear employee input, evaluate progress, and celebrate successes. With small teams, daily meetings likely aren’t necessary but meeting even twice a month creates open lines of communication.

Work-Life Balance

An important part of daily life for ATC Healthcare franchise partners is getting out of the office. Work-life balance is crucial, and we want our franchise partners to have the time to live their lives outside of the office. For some franchise partners, that means they don’t start their workday until 10 a.m., giving them the time to drop the kids off at school, get in a workout, and be properly caffeinated before they greet their team. Other franchise partners give themselves an early out day meaning that every Friday they leave the office by 1 or 2 if they don’t choose to just work from the comfort of their own home. Our franchise partners have the freedom to strive for their ideal work-life balance.

Are you looking for a franchise opportunity that gives you scheduling flexibility and the freedom to structure your own day? Then ATC Healthcare might be the right franchise for you. Reach out for more information about this healthcare staffing franchise opportunity.