ATC franchise partner

The ATC Healthcare franchise model stands out thanks to the consistent operations we’ve perfected for more than 25 years in the healthcare staffing industry. It all starts with industry knowledge and includes finding clients and hiring excellent healthcare associates.

Learning the Industry

The cornerstone of all ATC Healthcare operations is our strong understanding of the healthcare staffing industry. It allows all ATC Healthcare franchise partners to make decisions strategically in ways that will boost their business and the overall ATC Healthcare reputation.

Even if you don’t have experience in healthcare staffing, that doesn’t mean your ATC Healthcare franchise is less likely to thrive. With our decades of franchising experience, we’ve learned that our comprehensive training provides our franchise partners with all the industry knowledge they need. After training, ATC Healthcare franchise partners are ready to dive into the industry as knowledgeable, strategic healthcare staffing professionals.

Finding Clients

No business can operate without clients. Thankfully, we know how to find those clients, and we teach our franchise partners what it takes to land them and retain them over the long-term.

Identifying Decision-Makers

The first step to finding clients is being able to identify who is making decisions. Starting at territory selection, ATC Healthcare ensures that there are plenty of healthcare providers within your exclusive territory. So, when it comes time for you to open your doors, you already know about the wealth of potential clients out there. The next step is clearly communicating to those decision-makers why ATC Healthcare is the best staffing choice for their hospital, nursing home or physician’s office.

Mastering Client Satisfaction

The best way to keep clients coming back to ATC Healthcare is to consistently send them the best healthcare associates. Hard workers, who can save hospital administrators time and money, will help keep ATC Healthcare clients satisfied. That’s why the ATC Healthcare method for hiring the best healthcare associates is a core part of our operational success.

Acquiring Superb Healthcare Associates

It’s important to send our clients the best healthcare associates the industry has to offer. And, thanks to our excellent reputation, we consistently get high-quality healthcare associates looking to sign on with ATC Healthcare. In nursing and healthcare associate circles, ATC Healthcare is the premier staffing agency. We’re known for flexible scheduling options, timely payments, and true professionalism. ATC Healthcare maintains that national reputation by ensuring each franchise partner has the tools to deliver the superior service that keeps clients happy and franchise businesses growing.

ATC Healthcare has a proven operations system that includes operating with an understanding of the healthcare staffing industry, finding clients, and acquiring hardworking healthcare associates. If you are ready to join the franchise system we’ve perfected over the past 30 years, find out more about the ATC Healthcare franchise opportunity today.