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No ATC Healthcare franchise partner is in business alone; they have the support of ATC corporate who have been in healthcare staffing for more than 30 years. Any question a franchise partner might have can be answered by our team. We value the strong support we offer our franchise partners via back-office assistance, paying healthcare associates directly, and keeping lines of communication open.

Back-Office Support

The back-office support ATC provides to each franchise partner is second-to-none. Our franchise partners dont have to worry about invoicing, HR, IT, or many administrative tasks. Corporate handles it all.

Back-office support includes a contracts division that reviews each contract and all requests in addition to helping franchise partners secure contracts in specific markets. We also assist with recruitment boards (like Monster and Glassdoor) to make sure our franchise partners nationwide are getting the most qualified healthcare associates to place with their clients. Many of our back-office support resources can even be accessed online, along with shared franchise partner materials.

Our franchise partner is just that our partner and we do our part to uncomplicate their business lives.

Directly Paying Healthcare Associates

As part of the back-office support ATC offers franchise partners, we float the payroll for each and every healthcare associate. How it works:

  • Corporate pays healthcare associates directly
  • We process payroll taxes and expenses
  • We also handle invoicing and client collection

This way, franchise partners do not have to wait 30, 60, or 90 days for the invoicing to pay healthcare associates and they do not have to float payroll themselves. In addition to helping our franchise partners pay their healthcare associates efficiently, floating payroll helps strengthen the relationship between ATC corporate and you, our franchise partner.

Communication with Corporate

Corporate is never more than a call away. ATC franchise partners call to get their IT or HR questions answered, or just to check in. Even our CEO and president make themselves available to our franchise partners. Thats part of what makes ATC different from other franchise systems. A lot of other franchisors are super-consultants, says David Savitsky, CEO of ATC Healthcare. We are partners, theres a difference.

Other ways we strengthen our relationships with franchise partners include hosting weekly operational calls and bi-weekly calls for all franchise partners who are encouraged to share and discuss business tactics. Our online franchise portal also has daily, five-minute podcasts to share marketing ideas or provide sales inspiration for our franchise partners.

ATC franchise partners have all of the support they need to focus on growing their business. We support each franchise partner with back-office support, by directly paying healthcare associates, and by staying in contact with all of our franchise partners. When youre ready to join a franchise system with exceptional support, dont hesitate to reach out to ATC.