Our Franchise Partners Know Better Than Anyone

“I like that I can really focus on my business while the back-office tasks like billing and collections are taken care of. Recruitment and staffing are the key elements I focus on and, with the behind-the-scene support I’m provided, I can really drive my business.”

-Lynne Dion, 17-Year ATC Healthcare Franchise Partner


“We decided to join ATC Healthcare on the notion that the healthcare industry is always going to grow. With family financial goals, we took a leap and joined the ATC Healthcare franchise network, and every dream we ever had has come true. What we like best about owning our business is the infrastructure and support we receive such as guidance from an experienced executive team and staff that knows procedure and policies.”

-Martin and Kayla Briggs, 10-Year ATC Healthcare Franchise Partners


“My favorite part is the support provided by ATC Healthcare. I’m given advice and direction to keep up with technology and competition. ATC stays on top of clinical support. It is incomparable to any other corporation and makes it easy for me to have legal support and financial support as far as accounting and payroll goes.”

-Rick Carr, 21-Year ATC Healthcare Franchise Partner


“Franchise life means to me peace of mind. I love the support of my back office. I never need to worry about new policies and procedures, my corporate office takes care of this for me. Payroll is processed and taxes are paid without worry. ATC offers me all the support I need to be a successful owner and operator. The other franchise partners are available to me for support and I learn often about the strategies for success that they offer. We are a great team!”

-Gina McLaughlin, 12-Year ATC Healthcare Franchise Partner


“Twenty years ago, I joined the ATC Healthcare family as a franchise partner for Norfolk, Virginia. Within five years my husband and I operated five ATC units in Virginia and Maryland. We could not have done the rapid expansion without the franchisor’s support. The model helped us jumpstart the multiple locations in a short time.

I like the independence of running my own staffing business and not having to worry about whether I’ll meet payroll or be able to collect my receivables. Having the back-office support of payroll, billing, collections, HR, clinical, and IT helped my team focus on recruitment and growing the business. With the help of ATC Healthcare, we were able to build a strong organization with excellent reputation in our local markets.”

-Erlinda D., 20-Year ATC Healthcare Franchise Partner