October 17, 2019

How the Corporate World Has Prepared You To Own An ATC Healthcare Franchise

A desire to leave the corporate grind behind doesn’t mean you can’t use and build on the skills you’ve learned during your corporate career. In fact, the leadership skills, business savvy and people skills that you’ve learned in the traditional corporate environment may have perfectly prepared you to own an ATC Healthcare franchise.

Leadership Skills

Because each ATC Healthcare franchise partner is an entrepreneur, it’s important that they have the skills necessary to lead a team. There are leaders of all kinds in the traditional, corporate world.


ATC Healthcare franchise partners run their own staffing agencies and need to have the skills to manage all of the moving parts. Franchise partners are not only tasked with hiring healthcare associates to send to clients, they also manage an in-office team that might include a recruiter and an office administrator. While ATC Healthcare franchise partners have plenty of corporate support, they are responsible for the day-to-day operations of their healthcare staffing agency.

Our franchise partners come from a variety of corporate backgrounds, but they all generally have experience managing others and juggling responsibilities. Strong team leaders, supervisors and managers might have the management skills that entrepreneurship requires.

Decision Making

Business owners do not only need to make decisions, they need to make them confidently and strategically. Those skills can be honed in the corporate world. Regardless of the field or industry, as responsibilities increase, so do the decision-making requirements. Entrepreneurs flex those skills every day, not only making decisions that affect day-to-day operations, but also deciding on the long-term future of their ATC Healthcare franchise.

Business Savvy

ATC Healthcare’s comprehensive franchise partner training program ensures that each franchise partner has extensive knowledge of the healthcare staffing industry. But being a healthcare staffing entrepreneur also requires general business savvy. 

Chances are, navigating the corporate world provided that know-how. While healthcare staffing might not be your background, some business principles are nearly universal. An understanding of strategy, marketing, and budgeting are core tenets of any business. ATC Healthcare franchise partners bring along their exceptional business savvy as they transition from the corporate world.

People Skills

We are in the healthcare staffing industry, and that means that ATC Healthcare franchise partners are in the people business. In addition to managing an in-office staff and a roster of healthcare associates, franchise partners are tasked with matching those healthcare associates to clients.

You have to be able to effectively communicate with clients to find out their staffing needs and wants. You also need to be able to assess healthcare associates and find out where they will thrive. No matter what industry you came from, it’s likely you had to work with others and learn how to collaborate, interact with and evaluate others. These skills directly translate to owning an ATC Healthcare agency.

Leadership skills, business savvy and people skills can all be learned in a corporate world and prepare you to own an ATC Healthcare franchise. If you have the skills to become an ATC Healthcare franchise partner, reach out. We’re eager to speak with entrepreneurs like you.