Two people making business connection.

Being a part of your local healthcare staffing network will allow you to make more contacts, which can lead to more staffing contracts. But it will also give you some insight on industry trends, the intricacies of the healthcare system, and the opportunity to build your own professional network of people who understand the healthcare staffing industry.

But first, you need to know who the local healthcare staffing decision-makers are. Then you need to get in contact with them. Once youve turned a potential client into a client, its important to stay connected to make sure all of your clients are getting the very best ATC has to offer. These are all aspects of the healthcare staffing field that ATC can help you master.

Get to Know Your Local Healthcare Staffing Decision-Makers

Before you can connect with the healthcare staffing decision-makers in your community, you need to know who they are. ATC franchises are generally in markets with lots of medical facilities. Franchise partners likely already know the names of the big hospitals, medical practices, and nursing homes in their area. To learn more, you can look on Google or LinkedIn to find out who the recruiters, staffing specialists, staffing coordinators, and HR managers are.

Once you know who to contact, its just a matter of getting in touch. Try sending an email. Be sure to introduce yourself, introduce ATC, and invite them to meet up or chat on the phone.

Face-to Face Meetings

Meeting with a potential client can be a great way to build a relationship. It allows you to tell them about ATC in a conversational way. Face-to face meetings are also a way for you to build a good rapport with individual healthcare staffing decision-makers and earn a good reputation among the local healthcare staffing community.

One of the many ways that ATC empowers franchise partners is by providing print materials you can pass along to potential clients. As a franchise partner, youll have access to ATC branded business cards, flyers, brochures, and other marketing materials.

Phone Calls

People are busy, and sometimes they just dont have the time to schedule a face-to-face meeting. But phone calls can be a quick way to connect. An introductory phone call will allow you to introduce ATC to a healthcare staffing decision-maker in a way that is a little more casual, while still getting your name out into the community.

Client Satisfaction

ATC wants to do everything possible to make sure that our clients are happy. Phone calls and visits to client offices are both great ways to check in with your clients. Take some time to ask them if their staffing needs have changed or if they need anything more from ATC.

Its important for ATC franchise partners to be accessible to their clients; we want to build positive, long-term relationships with them. If were only contacting them during the sales phase or when their contract is almost up, we arent doing the best we can to make sure all of their healthcare staffing needs are being met.

Finding out who your local healthcare staffing decision-makers are, scheduling meetings and calls, and keeping clients happy are ways you can connect with your local healthcare staffing community. Contact us today to learn how ATC can help you build a strong business through community connections.