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The ATC Healthcare model is simple: we place qualified healthcare associates at the locations where they are needed most. ATC franchise partners make connections happen every single day. But is ATC Healthcare the right franchise opportunity for you?

We are looking for individuals who arent going to sit at a desk all day and wait for clients to come to them. ATC franchise partners are go-getters who have a passion for people, applicable experience, and are looking to take an active role in their own business.

Are You a People-Person?

At our core, ATC is in the people business. We provide healthcare associates with rewarding roles and provide medical facilities the staff they need to best care for patients. We understand where we fit in the healthcare system and just how integral the people we work with really are.

Its important for ATC franchise partners to treat everyone with respect and to communicate effectively. Whether its clearly conveying needs to your recruiter, interviewing healthcare associates, or building relationships with current and potential clients, ATC franchise partners dont work in a vacuum. They need to be people-people who care about communicating with everyone they work with.

Do You Have Transferable Knowledge and Experience?

While ATC trains and supports franchise partners of all professional backgrounds on everything they need to operate an ATC franchise, having some knowledge to build on reduces the learning curve. Healthcare staffing can be a niche industry. It requires a certain understanding of the technicalities of the medical industry, a knowledge of staffing best practices, and the sales skills to grow a business. Experience in those industries healthcare, staffing, and sales have proven transferable to ATC franchise ownership.


ATC exclusively services the healthcare industry. People who have experience with the ins and outs of healthcare systems are able to relate to healthcare staffing decision-makers and healthcare associates. For example, former hospital administrators know exactly what healthcare staffing decision-makers need from their staffing agency and healthcare associates; former nurses understand what healthcare associates need from their employer. ATC franchise partners make sure that all of these needs are met every day.


It makes a lot of sense that franchise partners with staffing experience understand what it takes to run a staffing agency. ATC franchise partners with staffing experience are able to work quite effectively with recruiters and the staffing decision-makers at healthcare facilities. While healthcare staffing has its unique procedures and requirements, those with staffing industry experience have knowledge to build on.


Sales skills are one of the most important traits an ATC franchise partner can have. Thats how you grow your business, by gaining new contracts and clients. So, sales experience tends to translate well for our franchise partners. It allows you to go out into your own community and effectively communicate what makes ATC the right choice for any possible clients healthcare staffing needs.

Are You Ready to Take an Active Role in Your Business?

The ATC franchise opportunity is hands-on. Our franchise partners not only manage their in-office team, they take the lead on business development and client engagement. Franchise partners meet clients and potential clients where theyre at, whether it be hospitals, medical offices, senior facilities, or anywhere else.

Very rarely does an ATC franchise partner spend an entire day at their desk. You are out in the community spreading the word about ATC and making sure that every client is getting what they need. And thats how our franchise partners like it theyre not pencil-pushers, theyre go-getters!

ATC franchise partners are people-people, have some type of applicable experience, and are go-getters looking to take an active role in their own business. Does that sound like you? If so, lets get in contact about the ATC franchise opportunity.