January 16, 2019

Testimonial From one of our Newer Owners in the Virginia Market

My experience with ATC Healthcare has been outstanding! I was fortunate enough to purchase two existing franchise locations in 2018. Since day one, I’ve been so impressed with their support, professionalism, and ultimately, their focus on my success.

Even though I have years of small business experience, I was brand new to the world of healthcare staffing. Its a dynamic and regulated industry so there’s a lot to consider and keep track of. Luckily, ATCs corporate office does a great job of giving you a 30,000-foot view of the industry, training you on the local factors and opportunities in your market, and helping you stay organized as you drive growth.

IT support, employee issues, accounts receivable collection and payroll funding are just a few of the things that ATC Healthcare does for you and with you. That allows me to focus on finding new clients to serve and new healthcare professionals to put to work the things that make me the most money. In my opinion, this is a true partnership all the way around. 

Cyprian Yankey, Executive Director