Finding Clients & Staff

Our Training Helps You Build Connections with Clients

In the healthcare staffing industry, a strong commitment to working with people can make a huge difference when it comes to building your business. At ATC Healthcare, we prepare you for the task of reaching out to every healthcare organization in your community.

Our comprehensive training program covers the ins and outs of the healthcare world and explains exactly how to navigate the often complicated structure of healthcare administration. When you’re ready to head out into your community, you’ll be well-prepared to deliver a positive message with your ATC Healthcare franchise.

Identify Decision Makers

Your exclusive territory can include a variety of healthcare facilities from hospitals to nursing homes and more. We’ll help you get your foot in the door with the people who set the policies and handle staffing matters in those facilities. And we’ll show you how to get ATC Healthcare at the top of their list of go-to staffing solutions.

Master Client Satisfaction

Once you know who to talk to, it’s just a matter of delivering the ATC Healthcare difference to your clients. We pride ourselves on providing the best, most qualified candidates for all of our clients’ staffing needs, and we’ll show you how to ensure your clients know they’re getting the top healthcare associates in the industry.

Acquire Superb Staff

ATC Healthcare is a well-known name among healthcare professionals, and they’re eager to become a part of our industry-leading system. Whether they’re seeking the flexibility to work when they want or the certainty that their paycheck will always be covered by a strong corporate partner, your ATC Healthcare franchise can be exceptionally attractive to healthcare associates. We’ll show you how to capitalize on that model as you build your roster of healthcare pros.