ATC franchise partner

ATC Healthcare is the premier option for healthcare staffing franchises. Thanks to more than 30 years in the healthcare staffing industry, we are experts at addressing the employment needs of the healthcare industry, turning satisfied clients into repeat clients and word-of-mouth marketers, and recruiting excellent healthcare associates that appreciate and reciprocate our professionalism and flexibility.

Addressing an Industry Need

Nationwide, medical facilities are in dire need of the skilled staff required to provide each patient with safe, comprehensive care. The jobs exist, but it can be hard for hospitals to find people to fill those positions, especially if they are limited to a geographical area. But with ATC Healthcare, a hospital or medical facility doesn’t have to spend extra time on the administrative task of hiring. We do it for them.

In addition to supplying staff to local hospitals, labs, and doctors’ offices, the ATC Travelers division allows franchise partners to engage in our travel nurse program. You’ll be able to send your nurses to facilities outside of your region. This allows each of your clients to have a wider pool of candidates and is one reason that clients choose ATC Healthcare for their staffing needs.

High Client Satisfaction

It is impossible to overstate the importance of client satisfaction. Happy clients often become returning clients and even great word-of-mouth marketers. In our decades of experience, the easiest way to ensure client satisfaction is by making sure that the staff ATC Healthcare sends perfectly meet their needs. Our franchise partners get to know their clients so they can really get to the core of their staffing needs.

Do they need staff to handle overnight shifts? Are they looking for nurses with elder care experience? Are they short on nursing assistants? By asking the right questions and listening to the answers ATC Healthcare franchise partners are able to master client satisfaction and grow their businesses.

Best Healthcare Associates

We pride ourselves on recruiting some of the best healthcare associates. Because we have a wide variety of jobs to offer, our healthcare associates have flexible scheduling options that are not always possible in other healthcare jobs. In fact, we’re known in the healthcare industry as the premier staffing agency. This reputation is built on professionalism and timely pay.

Unlike other staffing agencies, we don’t wait to pay our healthcare associates until our clients have been invoiced. ATC Healthcare always sticks to a consistent pay schedule thanks to the support of our corporate office. Flexibility and consistent payment mean that healthcare associates want to work with ATC Healthcare.

ATC Healthcare is the best choice for staffing for healthcare clients across the country. We’ve spent decades addressing the needs of the healthcare industry and we know how to foster positive client relationships and how to recruit great healthcare associates.

Are you ready to bring an ATC Healthcare franchise to your community? Reach out to our franchise development team for more information and take the first step toward ATC Healthcare franchise ownership.