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With more than 30 years in the industry, you can rest assured that ATC Healthcare knows healthcare staffing. This industry is strong and growing, providing huge opportunities for healthcare staffing agencies.

A shortage of nurses and healthcare providers, the cost efficacy of partnering with healthcare staffing agencies, and increased demand for medical staff are all leading to the growth of the healthcare staffing field.

The US is Experiencing a Serious Need for Healthcare Associates

Hospitals and other medical facilities need staffing services more than ever. This provides a huge opportunity for ATC franchise partners. The United States has been reporting low levels of unemployment across all industries. But healthcare, and especially nursing, has such low levels that its boosting demand for healthcare staffing solutions.

We provide a much-needed service for hospitals, long-term nursing facilities, and other medical facilities by connecting the staff they need to deliver excellent healthcare to their patients. Plus, we help our franchise partners recruit healthcare associates by managing digital job boards and comprehensively training franchise partners.

Staffing Agencies are Cost-Effective

According to a study conducted by KPMG, the all-in cost of employing a full-time registered nurse is $89 per hour once hourly pay, insurance, recruiting costs, and non-productivity costs are factored in. The all-in cost of hiring a travel nurse is only $83.

Multiply that figure by the huge number of nurses and other healthcare professionals each facility needs and its easy to see why partnering with staffing agencies make so much more sense for medical facilities. There is a financial incentive for hospitals to partner with ATC for all of their healthcare recruiting needs.

Demand for Medical Staff is Increasing

The shortage of nurses and medical staff means the demand for healthcare staff is steadily increasing. And that increase in demand is directly responsible for the growth of the healthcare staffing industry.

The healthcare staffing industry is predicted to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 9.3%, reaching $28 billion by the year 2023 in the United States. This is an opportunity for all healthcare staffing agencies. As the industry grows, there’s more and more space for ATC franchise partners to build booming businesses.

The ATC Franchise Opportunity

ATC is franchising nationwide, providing opportunities for potential franchise partners in markets all over the country. In addition to being in the primed and growing healthcare industry, ATC provides second-to-none support to each of our franchise partners. We start with comprehensive training that prepares each franchise partner to open their doors. Then we provide total back office support, including HR, payroll, and IT resources. Now is the time to join ATC as a franchise partner and claim exclusive territory for yourself.

The healthcare staffing industry is growing. There is a shortage of healthcare providers, studies show that it is more cost-effective for hospitals to partner with staffing agencies instead of hiring permanent registered nurses, and there is an increased demand for medical staff which directly leads to growth in the healthcare staffing industry. All of these are opportunities for the healthcare staffing industry as a whole, and especially ATC franchise partners to meet the demands of this crucial field. If ATC sounds like the right franchise opportunity for you, let’s get in contact.