ATC franchise partner

Becoming an ATC Healthcare franchise partner offers up many of the benefits of traditional business ownership with some distinct perks that come with being a part of an established system. Read on to discover some of the reasons you should become an ATC Healthcare franchise partner instead of starting a staffing company from scratch.

National Name Recognition

ATC Healthcare franchise partners benefit directly from the national reputation weve been building for more than 25 years. Nurses and other medical professionals know ATC Healthcare as the premier staffing agency, and that reputation certainly isnt limited to a particular city or state.

Because were well-known in healthcare circles, none of our franchise partners are responsible for building a brand from scratch. Instead, you can focus on building community connections and mastering client satisfaction not focusing on branding or name recognition.

Shared Risk

Unfortunately, there are no guarantees when it comes to starting a business. But when you become an ATC Healthcare franchise partner, you have a partner us to help mitigate the risk. We are invested in your success.

Starting a business all by yourself means that you are solely responsible for all the challenges that occur. As an ATC Healthcare franchise partner, you will always have our entire staffing franchise on your side to offer assistance and support.


The support that ATC Healthcare provides franchise partners simply cant be matched, especially as a completely independent business owner. Our franchise partners arent bogged down with lots of administrative tasks, invoicing, or human resources. ATC Healthcare takes care of that for all franchise partners, leaving you more room to enjoy the benefits of business ownership, like being active in your community and taking charge of your schedule.

Starting a business from scratch means that, in addition to building a brand and hiring employees, you will also be responsible for the day-to-day minute details that can quickly pile up. Instead of spending long hours at an office figuring out how to build a business, you could be a part of ATC Healthcare and our already-established processes and unmatched support.

Franchise Partner Community

Its no secret that being a business owner can be a bit lonely. Its harder to connect with others when your business has to be your singular focus, especially during the building stages. Not only does being an ATC Healthcare franchise partner mean you arent building from the ground up, it also connects you with other franchise partners. Because of our exclusive territories, ATC Healthcare franchise partners arent in competition with one another, so they are willing to help and support one another. ATC Healthcare franchise partners are all a part of a community.

When you become an ATC Healthcare franchise partner, instead of starting from scratch, you will be a part of a brand with national name recognition, youll share the initial risk, and have support from both ATC Healthcare corporate and other franchise partners. If you are ready to start your journey as one of our franchise partners, please reach out for more information.